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What Is The Work Of Surgeons?

It is mesmerizing to people who are not in the medical field to see doctors saving lives every day. It is more amazing that the surgical field has grown to incorporate almost every part of your body. Sometimes you wonder how different these surgeries are and what the different surgeons do. Here is a short list of the common surgeries done, explaining briefly what each involves.


1. General surgery

This kind of surgery mainly specializes with the body organs found in the abdomen. It includes organs work on the thyroid gland and breast. The other name for this kind of plastic surgery in Chandigarh is general surgery.

2. Brain surgery

Majority of the people are familiar with the term neurosurgery. This is the type of surgery that involves a major part of the body called the brain. It involves working on the different parts of the brain including the nerves and other blood vessels that supply the brain.

3. Children surgery

In the medical field, children are not treated as small adults, but as the children, they are. The surgery specializing in them is called pediatric surgery. These surgeons understand how the body of a child works and can therefore treat them appropriately.

4. Bone surgery

This is orthopedic surgery. The moment you just set your eyes on this term, then automatically what comes to your mind is something next to operating bones. These are individuals who, in the occurrence of an accident, cut off the legs of individuals or if the limbs have no other way of coming back to their main functioning. These surgeons can also carry out cuts on such legs and make them regain their proper functionality as they were before, through carrying out appropriate bonny procedures.

5. Beauty surgery

This is called cosmetic surgery. It is the type of surgery thatis carried out to enhance people’s beauty and recreate their appearance into a better one. This diverse field includes many branches including hair transplant Chandigarh India. Others may include face recreation or any other part of the body.


6. Reproductive surgery

 This isa type surgery, which mainly entails the body's reproductive system. It is commonly referred to as gynecological surgery, that is, when it comes to women.It mainly deals with the reproductive parts such as the uterus, cervix, vagina and the fallopian tubes. However, other procedures that are used as ways of sterilization such as vasectomy in men as well as hysterectomy among the women can be carried out under reproductive surgery.